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To benefit from high street discounts you will need to purchase your proof of membership. Your high street card can be puchased for £5.00 and is valid for 3 years. Look out for the high street icon througout this website to find out where you can use it.

Charity Champion Card

Look out for the high street icon across this website to see where you can use your card. To make the most of your local discounts you will need to prove your membership to the Charity Champion Card scheme. Our partners may ask you to provide a driving license or photo ID in conjunction with your Charity Champion Card to confirm your membership.

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Load up you store card each month, use it for your shopping and raise hundreds of pounds for local charities right across the UK.

You recieve 100% of the value of your top up, so it costs nothing to raise money for charity in this way.

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Our partners will give a percentage of what you spend to charity every time you spend. It costs absolutely nothing to help.

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