Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy 

We use cookies across The Charity Champion Card Website to improve the user experience and performance of our Website. By using this website or the mobile app (henceforth known as “Site”) you agree to this policy and consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the following terms.

What are Cookies?
A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a Website. When that device then returns to the website, the data stored in the cookie can notify the website of the user’s previous activity.
What sort of cookies does Charity Champion Card Use and how do we use them?

1. Essential cookies.
Some cookies are essential for website to operate. For example, some cookies allow us to identify members and ensure they can access the member only pages. If a member opts to disable these cookies, the user will not be able to access all of the content available.

2. Performance Cookies.
We utilise performance cookies to analyse and improve the user experience on our Website. For example we might track how users move from one area of the site to another or identify and fix any errors on the Site. 

3. Functionality Cookies.
We use functionality cookies to allow us to remember your preferences. For example, if you click “remember me” when logging in a cookie saves your username, meaning you can log into the site quicker. Functionality cookies also allow you to comment on the news articles on our Site.

4. Affiliate Networks.
When you click through to a retailer from our Site, your browser redirects via an affiliate network which drops a cookie on your computer. This cookie stores tracking information so that the retailer knows that you were directed to their site via your Charity Champion Card account. This information is used to determine how many visitors and purchases a retailer gets from Charity Champion Card members, and allows us to get better deals from retailers for you. We recommend that you enable cookies in your browsers to make full use of the Site in order to ensure that any purchases on third party sites are recorded. Whilst the affiliate network cookie is dropped by the affiliate network and not by us, we think it is important that you know about it before you use our Site to make a transaction. By continuing to use our Site you agree to third parties such as affiliate networks and retailers using cookies for the purpose of tracking.

Cookie preferences.
Cookies are vital to the functionality of the Charity Champions Card Website and we request that you allow them. However you have the right to opt out of the use of cookies at any time by deleting all cookies on your device and/or changing the cookie settings on your browser. Please be aware that if you chose to do this some parts of our Site will not function correctly for you.